Early fire detection PYROspy®
Early fire detection PYROspy®
… plus automatic extinguishing

How do you continuously and reliably monitor large areas with high levels of dust and dirt for fire hazards and combat potential fire hazards early on in a targeted manner?

The answer - PYROspy®

Our long-standing experience in developing and planning customer-specific infrared automatic solutions in almost all industrial sectors has given us the necessary experience to develop an automatic IR camera system that also operates in a highly reliable manner in extreme environmental conditions.

(Fig. showing the new PS-Terminal software interface using the example of waste-bunker monitoring)

A special component of the system solution is the creation of coherent panorama thermal images and video panorama images for the analysis and display of the detection area. We were able to achieve this with the help of highly precise pan/tilt drives and through interaction with special software. Both processes are patented and the interaction is therefore unique.

Fig. PYROspy and extinguisher, ceiling installation for monitoring buildings
Fig. PYROspy and extinguisher, ceiling installation for monitoring buildings

The Logic

The smallest temperature changes in areas at risk and critical points can be analysed and reported constantly and reliably and with blanket coverage. This means that fire hazards can be detected before they start, localised and reported early on. Potential fire hazards can be combated in a targeted manner by using special control software to trigger a precisely controlled extinguisher.


Alerting and extinguishing

The special early fire detection software evaluates every thermal irregularity within the detection area and can initiate appropriate measures automatically. The system can independently determine whether it is detecting a source of interference (e.g. vehicle with hot exhaust) or whether a fire is starting.

If a fire has been clearly detected, an alert can be directly passed on to a central fire alarm system or a defined central office.

The special software can also automatically control an extinguisher (fire-fighting monitor) to directly combat fire sources and prevent major damage until the fire brigade arrives.
Alternatively, other extinguishing equipment in the vicinity can be activated and triggered.

Applications in industry

  • In waste incineration plants (e.g. waste bunkers, RDF power plants)
  • Paper storage
  • Recycling plants
  • Outdoor depots (e.g. tyre stores)
  • Fuel depots
  • Container warehouses
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