PYROspy® SektioScan

Picture: PYROspy with pan-/tilt drive
Picture: PYROspy with pan-/tilt drive
  • Infrared system with pan/tilt head for large-area detection
  • Panning and detection range: Horizontal 10 – 360°, vertical 10 – 180°
  • Control unit for high-performance drive
  • Durable compressed-air-flushed twin camera system for keeping the IR and video lens dust-free
  • Fully enclosed drive casing for use in dusty areas
  • Integrated computer for analysing and evaluating early fire detection.
  • Special software for evaluating temperature irregularities and creating images of hotspots
  • Detailed analysis and evaluation of potential fire hazards (hotspots)
  • Creation of individual IR images of the area being detected.
  • Display of the active detection fields in the entire detection range.
  • Potential-free contacts for transmission of alerts or messages, e.g. to a central fire alarm system or for system control


Data sheet Download (600 KB)
Practical example Download (510 KB)