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Our mission: Stopping fires before they start!

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Specialists for infrared early fire detection

Early detection of critical temperatures is better than fire detection alone. This is what makes our professional fire protection solutions so different.

As specialists in infrared thermography, we focus on developing, making and installing smart early fire detection systems with infrared cameras and smart control of extinguishing systems. We provide high-quality, innovative, state-of-the-art solutions.

Our expertise is based on more than 30 years of experience in a wide range of infrared applications.

We value good working relationships and prioritize personal contact with customers because we know that it is teamwork that brings success and satisfaction for all partners.

When we receive inquiries about applications, system solutions, extensions, technical services, training and certifications, we invest time to fully understand your needs and processes so that we can offer you the optimum solution.


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PYROsmart® & PYROspy®

The smartest solutions for fire prevention

PYROsmart® pro

Technological leader in infrared early fire detection

PYROsmart® one

Solution for smaller areas and conveyor systems


Innovative early fire detection with 360° panoramic viewing

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What is infrared early fire detection?

Standard fire detection technology requires potential fires to be at an advanced stage or to have already broken out.

Infrared surface temperature measurement (thermography) is much better for early detection of potential fire hazards by detecting thermal radiation long before fires break out.

A potential fire detected at an early stage can be reported, localized, cooled (“extinguished”) and tackled while still in its initial phase. In every respect, infrared early fire detection is superior to standard fire detection!

Infrared early fire detection for warehouses, production halls, outdoor areas, etc.

We detect

critical temperatures and hotspots

We enable

automatic targeted extinguishing

The PYROsmart® intelligent infrared early fire detection system can operate the extinguishing monitors of all the major manufacturers.

We protect

human life and property

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