The early detection of critical temperatures is better than fire detection alone. This is what makes our professional fire protection systems different.

About Orglmeister

The specialist for infrared systems

We have made it our mission to prevent fires from starting in the first place.

We specialize in infrared thermography, focusing on developing, manufacturing and installing intelligent early fire detection systems with infrared cameras, as well as intelligent systems to control extinguishing systems.

Our expertise is based on more than 30 years of experience in a wide range of infrared-based applications. We strive to combine top-quality and innovative solutions with state-of-the-art technology.

Creating good working relationships with our customers is important to us because we know that success and satisfaction can only be achieved by everyone working as a team.

To provide you with optimal solutions for applications, systems, upgrades, technical service, training and certifications, we make sure we understand your needs and processes.

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The smartest solution for fire prevention

Early fire detection and thermography

PYROsmart® detects critical temperatures

Conventional fire detection technology requires a fire to have started.

Measuring surface temperatures with infrared technology (thermography) is clearly better at detecting potential fire hazards at an early stage because infrared systems detect thermal radiation long before a fire starts.

Detecting a potential fire early allows it to be promptly reported, located, cooled down (“extinguished”), and contained. In every respect, early fire detection is always better than fire detection alone.