Paper and pulp industry

Early fire detection system with targeted extinguishing

Paper and pulp industry

Paper: the sustainable, highly flammable raw material of tomorrow

Waste paper is the top fiber raw material, and not just in the German paper industry. Recycled paper is being used in and added to many paper products, and increasingly more products are completely dependent on recycled paper. This is unsurprising because paper recycling is resource-saving, sustainable and in keeping with the times.

In the paper industry, waste paper is often delivered as bales or in loose form. Waste paper merchants make the bales by compressing purchased waste paper. Processing companies also compress waste and scrap paper using baling presses. To ensure quality, manual visual sorting often takes place prior to pressing.


Danger due to high fire load


When dry, raw waste paper poses a high fire hazard and has a high fire load. If the material ignites during processing or while being stored in mass quantities, the entire operational processes, buildings, machinery and equipment required for production will quickly be at risk. To avoid damage and production downtimes, detecting potential fire hazards at the earliest possible stage is therefore crucial.

Storage of waste paper. The high fire load quickly becomes an incalculable risk for people and production facilities.

Storage of waste paper. The high fire load quickly becomes an incalculable risk for people and production facilities.

PYROsmart® early fire detection system – the advantages

  • Quick overview of the monitored areas by video and infrared panoramic imaging
  • Early detection of potential fire hazards
  • Precise localization of dangerous hotspots
  • Tracking loading and unloading (to identify the material causing a fire)
  • Fully automatic control of targeted cooling and/or extinguishing
  • Minimal use of extinguishing agents and low disposal costs
  • Fire-monitor extinguishers can be manually taken over by firefighters at any time
  • Transparent operation and option for early intervention by organizational fire protection already in the event of pre-alarms
  • Complete thermal documentation

Reliable early fire detection – indoors, outdoors, anywhere

Many companies from the paper and recycled paper industry have been using the intelligent infrared early fire detection system PYROsmart® for years. Individual company requirements vary, but the goal is always the same: ensuring the earliest possible full-coverage detection of potential fire hazards in large outdoor storage areas or semi-open facilities. PYROsmart® detects critical temperatures (so-called hotspots) in bale storage, as well as in storage containers with loose paper, enabling it to react much quicker than conventional fire detection technology.

PYROsmart®’s most impressive feature is its precision localization of potential fire sources in a full infrared panoramic overview. This takes place automatically. In the event of an incident, it is also possible to trace which waste paper bale caused the hazard. The localizing option even makes it possible under certain circumstances to reduce spacing between storage stacks and thus make better use of the storage area.

A specially developed software algorithm, optimized over many years, differentiates between real fire hazards and everyday heat sources, such as those caused temporarily by vehicles, loaders, etc. This results in the secure and automatic detection of hotspots or fires at the earliest possible stage, as well as in very low false alarms. Operations continue to run smoothly and according to plan.

The PYROsmart® early fire detection system monitors large areas

PYROsmart® monitors large areas – 24/7 and for years to come.


PYROsmart® areas of application

  • Outdoor paper bale storage
  • Bale storage in semi-open facilities
  • Indoor areas with loose paper in chutes and bunkers
  • Storage locations for finished paper products (e.g., roll storage)
  • etc.


An early fire detection system makes sense for monitoring storage areas

The intelligent PYROsmart® early fire detection system can be used in many areas

PYROsmart® is flexible and can be used in many different areas. Intelligent detection also means normal heat sources from loaders, etc., will not trigger false alarms.

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Early extinguishing reduces downtime


The specialized PYROsmart® extinguishing software can control existing fire-monitor extinguishers from all common manufacturers and cool and/or extinguish hotspots in a targeted, pinpoint manner. Pinpoint extinguishing protects unaffected areas and therefore reduces operational downtimes and production stoppages.

If a fire spreads despite early detection, the PYROsmart® extinguishing software controls targeted extinguishing until firefighters arrive and take over extinguishing from outside.


Die Kombination aus Detektion und gezieltem Löschen ist der entscheidende Unterschied im professionellen Brandschutz. Dafür steht PYROsmart®!