Extinguishing systems

Targeted extinguishing protects unaffected areas

Automatic targeted extinguishing

PYROsmart® controls fire-monitor extinguishers from all major manufacturers

The PYROsmart® system’s original function is the ability to detect dangerous temperatures at an early stage and to localize hotspots. But when it is certain that a fire is about to start, it makes sense to immediately start preventative measures – cooling down the hotspot. This is precisely the concept behind PYROsmart®. The time saved before a possible fire starts can be used for direct and targeted cooling and/or triggering extinguishing systems.

The proprietary, practice-proven PYROsmart® extinguishing software communicates with fire-monitor extinguishers from all major manufacturers and controls targeted extinguishing in the event of an alarm – dynamically adapted and fully automated.

Because PYROsmart® extinguishing software knows the 3D geometry of the area, it can precisely aim electronically controlled fire-monitor extinguishers at the target location within seconds. The extinguishing software automatically calculates the size of the extinguishing window and all necessary parameters. This cools hotspots with pinpoint accuracy and/or extinguishes developing fires at an early stage to avoid collateral damage.

PYROsmart® extinguishing systems indoors and outdoors

Typical PYROsmart®/fire-monitor installations indoors and outdoors.

PYROsmart® supports automatic targeted extinguishing with the following electronically controllable fire monitor manufacturers/models:

Akron Brass - Streammaster II

Alco - APF 2.5-DC EVO

Alco - APF 3C AC

Elkhart Brass - Cobra EXM2

EmiControls - FT10e

FireDos - M1-M9

InnoVfoam - FwmEl

Johnson Controls - Skum-Monitor

Rosenbauer - RM15/35

Unifire - Force 50/80

Advantages of using fire-monitor extinguishers

  • Minimal structural alterations and comparatively low installation costs
  • Small size of the extinguishing unit
  • Large coverage due to approx. 60-90 meter range (depending on water quantity and pressure)
  • Low water supply required
  • Dry pipes (frost protection)
  • Variable use depending on extinguishing requirements by using water, foam or surface-acting agent admixture
  • Automatic control of fire-monitors via the PYROsmart® extinguishing software
  • Manual operation possible at any time (fire service takes over extinguishing)

Individualized extinguishing strategies

PYROsmart® can control a fire fighting turbine with full automation. Areas are cooled or extinguished using a broad water jet or water mist.

An additional fire-monitor extinguisher can also be controlled in parallel to the extinguishing process for misting adjacent areas. The aim of this supporting intelligent extinguishing strategy is to keep swirling storage materials and loose parts away from the source of the fire.

Preventive measures can also be taken to cool at-risk gas tanks or to reduce fire hazards in open outdoor storage facilities during hot dry spells in the summer.

The PYROsmart® software constantly monitors the full extinguishing system. All system tests are logged, any faults are instantly displayed and reported to a fire alarm control panel. Continuous availability (fail-safe operation) is thus ensured.

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