Servicing and maintenance

Our objective is the continuous and uninterrupted operation of your plant

PYROsmart® is low maintenance. Provided there is a continuous supply of clean compressed air to the PYROsmart® module, on-site maintenance once a year by Orglmeister Infrarot-Systeme is usually sufficient. A quarterly check is also required to ensure smooth operation and continuous functionality.

We recommend that you take out a maintenance agreement:

A PREMIUM-PLUS maintenance agreement can also be taken out. The operator check is not required and maintenance visits by Orglmeister take place quarterly instead (4/year).

Maintenance includes

  • Checking the condition of all components
  • Check for damage or defects
  • Optical components cleaned
  • Ensuring temperature measurement accuracy with the PYROcal® test source

When concluding a maintenance agreement, you will receive the PYROcal® test source. This generates a fixed temperature of exactly 95°C with an emissivity of 0.99. PYROcal® can be used to check (calibrate) the measuring accuracy of each PYROsmart® module. This ensures PYROsmart® is functioning properly and temperature measurement accuracy is maintained.


What kind of help do you need? Contact us.

You are in good hands for all services for your PYROsmart® early fire detection system. In addition to maintenance and repair, we provide a range of more extensive services, for example:

  • Support in expert approval procedures
  • Online software troubleshooting
  • On-site hardware troubleshooting
  • Free security updates (with maintenance agreements)
  • Many other services on request

In Germany, we provide the services ourselves. Throughout Europe, customer service is provided by our sales partners.


We train you to carry out checks

Much of the regular maintenance/inspection can be carried out by you, the operator. This saves you costs and ensures maximum flexibility. We train you to do it.

Our trainers create a set of easy-to-understand training materials customized for your facility and your needs. An online portal gives you constant access to the modules, explanations and videos on maintenance and servicing.


Training platform contents (example)

  • Thermography basics (infrared measurement technology)
  • Prerequisites for checks (tools, PYROcal®)
  • Checking the PYROsmart® module
  • Cleaning the PYROsmart® module
  • Checking measurement accuracy (incl. remote support)
  • Checking reports to the FACP (incl. remote support)
  • Replacing a PYROsmart® module
  • Using the digital logbook



We also provide you with a personal (online) introduction to the portal to help you get started.

Within a very short time, you will be able to safely perform regular “minor” maintenance tasks yourself. We are of course always available to answer any queries and to support you at any time should you require assistance.

Inquire about our maintenance services. We will be happy to help you.

Loan service

Borrowing a PYROsmart® replacement module

To ensure continuous detection, a PYROsmart® replacement module can be loaned out in the event that repairs are required. Operators can exchange the module by themselves after receiving instruction. Delivery is made in PYROsmart® system packaging including return service.

BASIC maintenance agreement: Loan of a PYROsmart® module for the duration of a repair is subject to a fee.

PREMIUM maintenance agreement: Loan of a PYROsmart® module for the duration of a repair is free of charge.

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