PYROsmart® pro


PYROsmart® has already proven its worth in many industries for providing the earliest possible detection of fire hazards. PYROsmart® pro uses state-of-the-art infrared and video cameras to continuously scan large areas and objects, measure temperatures and create continuous panoramic thermal imaging. Potential fire hazards can then be detected as they develop and before a fire starts.

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PYROspy® is an all-in-one infrared early fire detection system with innovative 360° viewing that automatically extinguishes fires before they can escalate into dangerous blazes.

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PYROsmart® eco


Temperature monitoring of small and medium sized areas often requires a scanning solution for fire protection so that every angle can be detected with good spatial resolution. PYROsmart® eco is the ideal variant for such needs. The system‘s technological basis is the same as the larger PYROsmart® pro version but with fewer features. The system meets the PYROsmart® series high quality standards for the required location and purpose of use.

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PYROsmart® one


PYROsmart® one is the system of choice for infrared temperature monitoring of objects that can be viewed at a fixed distance and with a fixed image section. Examples are small areas, systems, and transfer points on conveyor belts.

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Extinguishing with PYROsmart®


Unlike standard detectors, PYROsmart® can also trigger extinguishing with different types of extinguishing systems, as well as automatically control targeted extinguishing. Multiple extinguishing systems can be implemented, ranging from deluge extinguishing systems and cooling specific areas through to automatic targeted extinguishing using a wide range of fire-monitor extinguishers.

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