Predictive maintenance

Thermal imaging has become one of the most valuable diagnostic techniques in predictive maintenance. Thermography using industrial thermal imaging cameras enables detection of irregularities, usually invisible to the human eye, and the need for maintenance measures. It can do this during ongoing operation, without any contact required, and before costly system failures or recourse claims occur.

The FLIR E8-XT industrial thermal imaging camera is easy to operate and covers a temperature range of -20°C to 550°C.


Thermography can be of crucial assistance when planning and implementing necessary measures (e.g., repairs, modernization, etc.).


Benefits to you:

  • Lightweight and easy to use industrial thermal imaging camera
  • Checks while systems are under load
  • Identifying and localizing of problems
  • Non-contact temperature measurement
  • Time and money saved
  • Fire and accident hazards minimized
  • Documentation of plant condition and potential risks
  • Weakness and damage detected at an early stage
  • Improved loss prevention and operational safety


Areas of application:

  • Electrical thermography: high, medium and low voltage installations
  • Mechanical systems: motors, drives, bearings, pumps
  • Pipelines and insulation
  • Buildings/Facility management
  • Production

Electrical thermography

Low voltage
Loose or corroded connection – taken with an industry thermal imaging camera

Loose or corroded connection


Terminal with high contact resistance

Overload – taken with an industry thermal imaging camera



Fuse damage

Electrical thermography

High voltage
View of an incorrectly attached connection

Incorrectly attached connection

Oxidation of a high voltage switch

Mechanical systems

Defective drive motor


Irregular roller

View of an overloaded pump using an industrial thermal imaging camera

Overloaded pump


Overheated bearing shell on motor shaft

Pipelines and insulation

An industrial thermal imaging camera reveals a sagged insulation

Sagged insulation

The industrial thermal imaging camera reveals faulty insulation

Faulty insulation