Human medicine and veterinary medicine

Medical thermography is a non-contact and non-invasive diagnostic technique that enables temperature changes on the skin surface to be visualized and quantified. For example, this enabled automated fever measurements to be carried out in public buildings and airports during the Covid pandemic.

Human medicine


Powerful infrared cameras are used as highly sensitive diagnostic tools for a wide range of clinical and experimental applications, from breast cancer screening to open heart surgery. Detecting inflammations and pathological changes is also possible using medical thermography.


Medical thermography reveals inflammation

Thermography reveals inflammation


Blood vessel imaging

Veterinary medicine


Heat radiated from an animal’s body tells a trained vet whether blood flow in an animal is normal or not. Increased or decreased blood flow is a sign of health problems (inflammation, muscle or nerve damage).


Medical thermography – inflamed body parts are warmer

Inflamed body parts are warmer


Medical thermography of a horse’s head